Our Commitment: To Initiate and Facilitate Momentum

Most people hate talking to financial advisors. Over the years, I’ve learned not to take it personally. (We’re like the dentists of the financial services field. People don’t want to come see us but when they do, they’re glad they did!)

Why do people avoid financial advisors? One reason stands above all others:

They feel bad about how they’re managing their money.

They feel guilty for ignoring their accounts. They worry about their retirement savings. They feel anxious about their children’s education. They’re distraught they didn’t buy a certain stock. They’re embarrassed they took a big hit. They’re overwhelmed by their financial future. The list goes on and on.

Let me reassure you: These feelings are not unique; most people have them, no matter the size of their portfolio.


That’s why momentum is so important. We all understand momentum when it comes to sports. We know a team that’s “on a roll” has an advantage over a team that’s losing ground—even if both have the same win-loss record. That’s momentum. 

But momentum goes beyond sports. Momentum is what takes small fundraising initiatives and grows them into big campaigns (e.g. ALS ice bucket challenge; The Terry Fox Run). Momentum helps small business owners grow from small shops to multinational companies (e.g. Apple; Canadian Tire; Lululemon).

Momentum also applies to wealth management. It can get you out of the rut of feeling guilty, worried, anxious and overwhelmed. You can use momentum to pull yourself forward.

Make Momentum Work for You

How can you use momentum to get your finances under control? Start small: Have a conversation; gather information; ask a few questions. Establish a few financial goals and build a plan to reach them, step by step.

At Pedersen Group Wealth Management*, we understand the power of momentum. We’ve used it to help hundreds of clients overcome inertia and move closer to their financial and life goals.

Many clients have come to us with little more than a bank account and pay slip. Today, they have a full portfolio of savings, investments, life insurance and a secure retirement plan.

*Pedersen Group Wealth Management is a personal trade name of Darren Pedersen.

This article was prepared solely by Darren Pedersen who is a registered representative of HollisWealthTM (a division of Scotia Capital Inc., a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada). The views and opinions, including any recommendations, expressed in this article are those of Darren Pedersen alone and not those of HollisWealth.