Personal and Professional Growth

Our Commitment: To Actively Support Personal and Professional Growth

"Growth" in the context of financial planning is usually defined narrowly, such as portfolio growth or financial returns. Generally, "growth" is something that can be reduced to numbers on a spreadsheet.

But at Pedersen Group Wealth Management, we define growth more broadly. We include professional growth, which arises in questions such as, "Should I go back to school?" "Do I have sufficient means to change jobs?" "Can I afford to finish my certification?" "Can I attend that conference?"

We also include personal growth: "Should I travel Europe this summer?" "Can I move closer to my aging parents?" "Can I go on holiday with children?"

And why stop there? We also include spiritual growth: "I want to go on a retreat" "I'd like to help the homeless" "I want to donate to my church" "My dream is to hike the West Coast Trail."

At Pedersen Group Wealth Management, we consider professional, personal and spiritual growth as integral parts of your financial growth. Because if you don't have the financial means, achieving growth in these areas is even more challenging.

How We Can Help You Grow

It's not easy to grow on your own. Often, we get distracted and pulled off track. And that's where we can help. We work with you to track your progress and hold you accountable when you start to go off course.

As experienced financial planners, we've learned that the best way to motivate people to stay on course is to provide real information in regular status reports, along with lots of positive feedback and encouragement. You won't get judgment from us.

Personal Growth Through Charitable Giving

For many clients, charitable giving is a big part of their personal growth. After all, who doesn't want make positive changes in this world? Few things in life are more satisfying than identifying a cause that needs support and contributing to it.

Yet for many clients, charitable giving raises lots of questions. What's the best way to support a charitable cause? Should you contribute to an existing charitable foundation or set up your own? Or do something else entirely?

Charitable Giving in the Most Personal Way

I can relate to these questions because I've lived them—in the most personal way. When my sister was diagnosed with brain cancer, I acquired a new, stark appreciation for what families affected by cancer go through. When I was diagnosed with colon cancer not long after, that appreciation reached yet another level.

So I knew I wanted to make a meaningful difference to families affected by cancer and cancer-fighting causes more generally, but how to do it? Together, my sister and I (with lots of support from family, friends and colleagues) developed the "One More Day" campaign, which gives families struggling with cancer the support they need experience "one more day" of joy and togetherness to create lasting memories.

In October, thanks to many generous donations, I was able to purchase a new Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) Insufflator for St. Paul's Hospital. This highly specialized machine allows surgeons to perform abdominal endoscopic surgery, which requires only small incisions instead of opening the patient from sternum to pelvis—greatly alleviating recovery time. It also shortens surgery time (20-30 minutes instead of three hours). This shortened surgery time has had the effect of reducing wait times for this kind of surgery by 50 percent in B.C.!

Another project close to my heart is the soon-to-be released lifestyle book, Health the Way Nature Intended: Your Complete Guide to Eating and Living Well With a Stoma, authored by my fiancé, Leanne Chan. Learning how to eat and best support my own healing pre- and post- surgery was a huge part of my cancer struggle. My sincere wish is that this hard won knowledge will help other people in their fight against colon cancer, Colitis and Crohn's.

Proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to charities helping individuals and families become cancer thrivers.  

Growth Can Take Many Forms

As you can see, growth means much more than numbers to us. It can manifest in many forms—all valid and all valuable.

If you're ready to grow—and want a team of professionals to support you every step of the way—give us a call.

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