PGWM-HollisWealth Summer 2017


Pacific Group Wealth Management / Hollis Wealth Summer 2017

The first half of 2017 has been surprising, challenging to foresee, yet had an overall positive outlook. A series of unpredictable events took place; the election of President Trump prompting a historic Bull Market & strong economy, rapid technological changes and innovations, and a very long winter!

Our office has also experienced several positive developments in the last two quarters.


1.      Zoom: Life these days is fast paced and it seems like there is never enough time in the day.  As a result fitting in time to come down to the office to meet can be difficult.  We recognize this is a common frustration for clients and are happy to announce a solution. 

Using Zoom, we can now host online meetings that you can attend from your office, home or on the go using a phone or tablet.  Zoom gives us the ability to have meaningful, face to face meetings anytime, anywhere.  No download needed!  Click below if you would like to check out this program for yourself or your business.

2.      RediNest: Many of you have already had a Razor Retirement Plan prepared for you by the team at PGWM as part of your overall financial plan. RediNest is an extension of this service that allows anyone to get an idea of their Retirement Readiness in a quick and easy to use fashion.  Answer a few questions and a detailed report is sent to you and PGWM.

We would encourage all of you to click the link below and complete the questions.  Share the report with us and we will be in touch with you to start working on creating the retirement you deserve.

 3.      Team Additions: The addition of our newest team member Candice Hall.  Candice joins Pacific Group Wealth Management bringing over a decade of experience in customer service. She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a finance major from Vancouver Island University in 2014 and is currently enrolling in courses to become an investment and insurance advisor. Having spent the majority of her life in Nanaimo, she could not be happier to be working at a local business. Some of Candice's favorite things include travelling, hiking, eating and preparing vegan/vegetarian foods and reading.

Client Events:

1.      Our first annual Investor Insight Program was held at the Coast Bastion and featured four speakers discussing Mortgage Investing, Benefits of Dividends, using Technical Indicators for market forecasting and a motivational presentation by our keynote speaker James Butler, Retired Navy SEAL. Well attended, the event received tremendous positive feedback and we look forward to bringing additional top rated exclusive speaker series to you in the near future.

2.      Our office was proud to host many of you at the Chantal Kreviazuk Hard Sail Tour concert at the Nanaimo Port Theatre. Chantal is one of my favourite Canadian singers and it was great to experience her live together with many of our clients. 

3.      Our office was also pleased to present another one of my entertainment favourites “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. Many of us grew up watching the series and to have the pleasure of sharing them with our clients and their children was truly a great event. May The Force be With You!!!!


Community Involvement:

As many of you know, philanthropy is one of the many pillars of the work we do at PGWM.  Our annual Diamond Rally to raise awareness and funds for colon and breast cancer was an overwhelming success. It also reiterated our belief in the “pay it forward” concept of giving. Our charitable involvement in the car rally inspired 23 other groups to raise funds for the charities of their choice at the rally as well!  Thank you to those that supported us in your donations, messages of support and spreading awareness!

Leanne and I also continue to donate our time and resources to run the cancer store online, a resource for cancer patients and the book we wrote for patients with colon cancer “Health the Way Nature Intended”.

PGWM was also involved in Taste The World 2017, a wine tasting event that raised over $100,000 this year and a million to date to support medical and grassroots social development projects in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. 

PGWM’s most recent activity is with Volunteer Nanaimo. They are hosting an event for families on Father’s Day, June 18th, at Nanaimo North Town Centre. Volunteer Nanaimo ‘Touch-a-Truck’ event is to help support Nanaimo’s Youth Network which offer young people age 11-18 an opportunity to be involved in meaningful, team based and reflective volunteer service.  Please come out and enjoy the fun!


Darren Pedersen, Senior Investment Advisor at PGWM – Hollis Wealth.

The biggest news so far for 2017 has been a strong market performance. I have enjoyed a full work schedule of client meetings and invested time researching current holdings and new opportunities.  Feeling great, leading a healthy lifestyle, Leanne, our son KJ and I were fortunate to be invited to an impromptu “boot camp” by our friend on award winning Savanna in the Virgin Islands. The long winter was broken up by weekends enjoying historically great ski and snowboard conditions at Whistler/Blackcomb. This spring I look forward to starting a new hobby of tennis. My main passion however continues to be meeting with clients, investing, seeing growth and finding the next great opportunity.  


Mike Schmidt- Associate Investment and Insurance Advisor

June of 2017 will mark one year since Mike’s family took the plunge and moved from the big city of Vancouver to start their new lives in Nanaimo.  He would like to thank everyone for being so welcoming and for being such a pleasure to work with.  The past year has been great although a busy one as Mike completed everything necessary to officially hang his license here at HollisWealth.  Now that he has all of that behind him, he is excited to be able to work with Darren and the PGWM team to move forward in an advisory role.

On top of all the studying and work, his two boys have been keeping his wife Kelly and him very busy.  The boys are following in their Dad’s footsteps and trying to play every sport they can.  Currently it is baseball season and Mike is having a blast coaching his seven year-olds team.  Go Pirates!  Between the nights at the ball park and the weekends spent exploring what the Island has to offer, the boys are making sure their old dad gets his exercise.

Many of you may not know this but one of the reasons the family made the move to the Island was health related.  Mike’s wife Kelly had just finished chemotherapy when they moved to Nanaimo so this past weekend the family took part in the Nanaimo Relay For Life. It was an incredible honour for Mike to walk beside Kelly during the Survivor lap.  It was inspiring for everyone involved to be around so many others that have battled cancer and won.

This has been a great year for Mike and he is excited to see what the rest of 2017 has in store!


Carolyn Nnadiekwe, Client Service Manager at PGWM – HollisWealth


Carolyn began working at PGWM in the new year and has really enjoyed learning so much and getting to know many of our wonderful clients. She is very excited to continue growing and expanding her knowledge in the world of finance. She wants to share with others how to effectively reach their goals of more financial freedom.

Carolyn enjoys spending time with her husband and three year old daughter. She is looking forward to the longer summer days and being able to go camping for the first time with her family. Being from Alberta, Carolyn continues to enjoy the island life all year round.

Candice Hall, Client Services Assistant at PGWM – HollisWealth


Candice joined HollisWealth in May of this year as a Client Services Assistant. She feels very fortunate to have been brought on to work with such a great team!

Growing up in Nanaimo with a single mother, she learned early on the value of a dollar. With several smart decisions and ability to delay gratification her Mom was able to retire at 54 years-old! She taught Candice the importance of saving and investing at a young age and how to squeeze a dollar. Due to learning these lessons so young, Candice decided she wanted to help other people learn about their own finances in a way that would enable them to lessen stress and increase freedom.                                          

Outside of the office you will likely find Candice walking Westwood Lake or the Seawall, or lounging at the Nanaimo river. She also hopes to play some tennis this summer, providing she works on her forehand. When not being active Candice really enjoys reading suspense/thriller books and memoir-type comedies. She is also hoping to get a kitten this summer but her boyfriend doesn't know that yet.

Candice greatly looks forward to introducing herself to many of you in the upcoming months.

As PGWM beings its 23rd summer in business, Darren is proud of the work done and very excited for what the future holds. Thank you very much for being our clients and friends.  You are truly the foundation on which our success depends.  As we head into the summer, we look forward to working with you, getting to know you better and striving to continue to earn the right to assist you, your family and friends.

Warmest Regards,

Darren, Mike, Carolyn & Candice