Investor Conference

Presented by Darren Pedersen, Senior Investment Advisor  


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Investor Conference




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Christian Mattenly | Dynamic funds – “Dividends & Investor Behavior”

Will Granleese | Antrim Mortgage Fund – “Fixed Income Alternative”

Jason Leesui | SIA Wealth Management – “What the Chart Says”




“Reclaiming Your Inner Warrior”

 Fear is a language James Butler, speaks fluently. As an elite military diver and Afghanistan veteran, he’s often rubbed elbows with death – and after a life-threatening injury, his world crumbled. In one foul swoop, his marriage, career and military brotherhood faded into the distance. James had two choices: take the desk job he was offered and wait out retirement, or say hell no and create a badass legacy. With a napkin and a sharpie, James sketched his extraordinary vision. Today, reclaiming warrior works with world-leading mavericks choosing hell no in service of hell yes.




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“Reclaiming Your Inner Warrior”

James Butler is an expert in redesigning and reinventing human potential. He got a taste for human development and pushing the limits of possibility when he aligned himself with some the toughest humans on earth in elite military units. Through a tour in Afghanistan as bomb-disposal and onto a career in tactical military diving, James’ life has trained him well. From the beginning, James saw the members of the elite brotherhoods push past limits both in the physical and mental. Inspired, James looked for ways to consistently push his own potential and remove the boundaries.

After suffering a near-fatal military training diving accident, James found himself fighting for his life as he watched his body crumble under the immense medical battle that followed. Finding himself a skeleton of the man he was before, he set to recreate, reinvent, and redefine his own legacy.

With his body no longer able to withstand the physical pressures of Operational Diving, James sought a new medium to use his gifts, passion, and talent in high-level, high-stress scenarios. He decided to invent his own path. 

James set off to design a company that would include all the aspects of warrior development and brotherhood-like community that he valued so highly in the tight-knit community of the military. Seeing a need for focus and attention on high achievers aligning themselves more with a mission than just profit alone, he revolutionized the personal development industry by combining deep inner work and outer, fear-facing adventure-based experiential training. Thus, Reclaiming Warrior was born. From the ashes of one dream sprouted the life of a passion that burned stronger than ever.

“Reclaiming Warrior is a mission-driven personal & professional development company that supports high-influence executives, rising entrepreneurs, and fast growing visionary companies to achieve their extraordinary projects and realize impossible visions. By transforming the core of an individual or company through the practice of deep inner work, experiential-submersion training, and diverse personal/professional mastery techniques, we drive unprecedented results. Dream bigger, Leap forward, experience the greatness of all that is possible.”

Clients of Reclaiming Warrior include Fortune 500 CEOs, rising maverick entrepreneurs, Special Forces Operators, global-impacting financial firms, high-influence leaders involved in deals worth more than $1 billion, environmental political change-agents, leaders in education, college professors, and many more, all united by one pursuit- “showing up as the greatest version of themselves.”

James’ latest project is the Warrior Master Class- A Leader’s Community

A tribe of high-performing, like-minded leaders with unique perspectives from all areas of life. In this exclusive mastermind-style group, James is combining the powerful forces of Elite Military Soldiers, maverick entrepreneurs, and influential executive leaders. Together, we are creating a fulfilling, result-focused brotherhood whose aim is to act as a select group of high-achieving leaders producing unprecedented results in uncommon ways. Members learn warrior mindset principles from our monthly guest teachers, network and impact global strategy, while also acting as a private board of advisors for each member. It’s our belief that if you have a massive mission, we want you to get all the tools you need.