Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s 2015,

In the spirit of the holiday when we are so full of abundance and gratitude, we at PGWM / Hollis Wealth wanted to start a community giving campaign.

We are strong believers that an act of giving will create a Ripple Effect or Butterfly Effect. This past year we’ve experienced this first hand through our own charitable efforts to raise awareness of the importance of early detection in beating cancer. 

So we encouraged all our friends to participate in a random act of kindness in a manner that was meaningful to them. Some of our friends were kind enough to share their stories of how they spread kindness and goodwill this holiday season in hopes that those stories will be the Butterfly Effect that makes a difference this Christmas.

You can follow the Butterfly Effect on our website www.PGWM.ca and our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/PedersenGroupWealthManagement or by #PGWMGIVING .

We truly wish you all the joy of family, the gift of friends and the best of everything for the New Year. With sincere appreciation for your friendship and good will, we wish you all the joys of this Holiday Season.

Hi Darren & Staff,
This was a wonderful idea that you had. Recently, several friends mentioned how when they were young, their families were the recipients of food hampers at Christmas time. The kindness and generosity was never forgotten, and they now give back to individuals that are homeless or poor by providing food, furniture and companionship. It's a personal and very private thing that they do, as they are full of gratitude for how their lives have been blessed. ...So with this in mind, we decided to give to our local Society of Organized Services here in Parksville. They said that they always receive enough wonderful toys for the needy children, but providing food for all of the families was more difficult. So that's what we did.......we bought food for their program. MERRY CHRISTMAS! ‪#‎PGWMGIVING‬

Best Wishes,
Judy &. Vic





Thank you Darren for the Season's Greetings card. We got it in the mail this morning. The ‪#‎PGWMGIVING‬ idea is lovely. This holiday we have donated food, supported our PACs fundraising, and have donated warm coats. Last week I helped decorate our school's hallways with other moms and I've offered to give away my collection of corks to a stranger.

Anyways, hope you are looking forward to the holiday break and best wishes for the coming New Year. #PGWMGIVING


Helping to give a warm welcome to Syrian refugees.  ‪#‎SyrianRefugees‬    #PGWMGIVING

Helping to give a warm welcome to Syrian refugees. ‪#‎SyrianRefugees‬  #PGWMGIVING






We just received a wonderful phone call from our client Joann telling us how she shared some goodwill by donating $20 to the local grocery hamper and another $20 to the Salvation Army! There are so many ways we can help others, its wonderful to see our friends making a difference in our community! Thank you Joann! ‪#‎PGWMGIVING



Another definitely pay it forward today. Kudos to a wonderful person who sold me a new cellphone and went above and beyond to make sure I got the most out of my purchase. I ran into him today and he was looking tired and said he had had a rough week. I gave him a gift card for Starbucks, big smile – hope his day was little better. #PGWMGIVING